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My Christmas Miracle

I am a recovering humbug; I always start the Christmas season as a scrooge. Right around Thanksgiving, I get the shakes, the tension, and the stressful headaches. Too much to do: shopping for presents for six kids, in-laws, distant relatives, and twelve remarkable grandkids, cards to address and mail to loved ones around the word, and my famous Shutterfly picture books to finish. Not to mention the decorating and the parties. Depression takes over. I’m so daunted by December 1st that my Christmas spirit is at an all-time low.

Then something happens in the middle of the season. I start to enjoy the Christmas lights, the trip to the Christmas tree farm, and the traditional hallowed music.

Then I get well-wishers sending me greetings from Japan, China, and Korea and well, how can a person stay down in the dumps with all these warm greetings? I love these international friends! They are so gracious and kind. And then I spent time with my mother and siblings—a treasure to remember.

And the food! I never eat this much sweet, tasty morsels any other time during the year. I save my sweet tooth for Christmas delicacies. Plus the honey-baked ham, smoked turkey, sweet potatoes….

Then my family gathering: my favorite people and the most awesome group ever found together in one room. We celebrated on Christmas Eve, and I could taste the joy, the excitement, the warmth and kindness. We talked about the many miracles in our family before reading the story of Christ’s birth, the greatest miracle of all. All the headaches were worth it.


My miracle, though, is the blessing of so many lovely people in my life. God has been so good. His mercy lifts my head far above the humbug status and leaves me breathless. I anticipate the great celebration when I see Jesus one day. I can’t stay in a funk when I look ahead to see the end of the season. I just tasted a sample. What a wonderful Christmas day we’ll have in heaven when we get together!

Merry Christmas to you! May you find joy through this season because you are loved!

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