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Now, I am a fan of you and your wrting. 🙂
My mom also loves writing~!
I am looking forward to your wonderful work.

Cathy Adams shared her heart with me this past week and said she had read Psalm 13 and it fit her life to the T. The next day David, her husband emailed and said He had read Psalm 116:1-10 to her the night before she saw the doctor that gave her a clean bill of health for breast cancer. The kind she had most usually kills. But God said not now and we have seen His miracle and she gives Him all the praise. Words cannot express my feeling for you right now but you of all people know my heart. I love you and just as was with Cathy we will pray day and night and anytime your name comes to mind during the day until God heals you.
Love you,

Thank you ladies, for your kindnesses. No doubt, prayers will get us through.

Kathryn is was pleasure to talk with you and tell you my story I want to learn more. I would like to have the address and phone of the il mag won home but I cant find any where at all thanks again for all you are doing Rick Matthews

We are all excited about connecting with Korean adoptees from Ilmagwon, and meeting the men and women who were around Kunsan back then and adopted babies. SO glad you wrote. Kathryn

I am interested on buying your book a promise to break. Where can I get it
I ESS raised around Shawnee

Met you at Hibdon’s. My husband does know your husband. What a small world. If you want to check out BSF go to

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