Picture of Sibyl’s First Baby

Sibyl and Fremont Pope’s adorable first baby, born under questionable circumstances and raised during the Great Depression, became a beautiful, godly, and loving woman. However, I’m getting ahead of my story, the few pages of time dedicated to Sibyl and Fremont. If history could be contained in a book, a million pages would not coverContinue reading “Picture of Sibyl’s First Baby”

I Hoard Greeting Cards!

How long should I keep greeting cards? Sunday afternoon I sifted through a plastic box crammed with a thousand old cards. I may be a hoarder or a sentimental old fool, but I’ve kept every card I’ve ever received. Clearly it was time to cull the syrupy collection. The assembly included invitations and announcements. Birth,Continue reading “I Hoard Greeting Cards!”

Camping in the Barn

A campfire outside provided us with perfect hamburgers and baked sweet potatoes. Numerous stars shone before the full moon rose and glowed on the woods around us. Nearby, Bill’s barn sat halfway completed. At the last minute, we had decided to camp in the upstairs of the barn. We had electricity, running water, and aContinue reading “Camping in the Barn”

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