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Dear friend, how are you doing?

Edmond Oklahoma
The sun is shining

Like the rest of us, you’ve probably been affected by this crazy time we live in. Troubles have shaken us in different ways. Maybe the pandemic and riots have you nervous, the politics make you angry, you have a job loss, the children are out of school, or a loved one has passed. And now the crazy icy weather! Seriously? Maybe you’re just plain tired of it all.

My family has had its share of difficulties. We’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19. My blessed father-in-law died at 96 years old. A WW2 Veteran, he shared his faith for years.  My husband lost his best friend. A beloved church member went to heaven. Many others.

With this volatile political climate, we ask, “Where is God in this?”

I’ve struggled. Listened to others who struggle. I’ve written about men and women who struggled. Prayed. Begged God for understanding. Sought His wisdom, and at times, became discouraged.

But my dear friend, never doubt that God is still with us. Notice the shadow in the attached picture? It’s beneath the bench. After the storm, the sun is shining.

I read a verse this morning that helped me. Acts 11:23 When he arrived and saw this evidence of God’s blessing, he was filled with joy, and he encouraged the believers to stay true to the Lord. NLT

We, as Americans, have known God’s blessings. The evidence? Look around. Most of us have an abundance. We aren’t chased with guns, starving in hide-outs, or sneaking around to meet together. No. We’ve been blessed, which should give us great joy.

But, listen to this. Paul encourages us to stay true to the Lord, to continually cleave to Him, purpose in our hearts to not give up.

So that’s my message today. Stay true. Don’t panic. God has this.

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    Picture of Sibyl’s First Baby

    Sibyl and Fremont Pope’s adorable first baby, born under questionable circumstances and raised during the Great Depression, became a beautiful, godly, and loving woman. However, I’m getting ahead of my story, the few pages of time dedicated to Sibyl and Fremont. If history could be contained in a book, a million pages would not cover a single day.

    Here is the baby’s adorable pictures. Don’t you love those beautiful blue eyes?

    Margaret Pope Akin, born in 1933

    Great Depression Family Saga

    This historical romance series, or family tale, is based upon the true story of a destitute but stable (and handsome) Christian man and a privileged, moody, and brilliant socialite. It moves like a trek through the mountains. Up to the glorious view from Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains before dipping into the treacherous, unpredictable valleys along the North Canadian River. Will they allow heartaches to steal their family vision or follow the Lord wherever he might lead?

    Margaret, the baby girl of their first love, is still living at 87 years old, and shares their amazing tale. Suffering from bladder cancer and weak from treatment, she still has a memory worthy of a few of those historical pages. Her faith during trials has bolstered hundreds, including me, and some sweet day she’ll reap the rewards. “For this light affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” 2 Corinthians 4:17

    See the novel, A Promise to Break, for the awesome story about this family. Published by Memory House Publishing, LLC.

    Please pray for Margaret Pope Akin as she reviews the last changes of the third book in the 1930s historical series, Fremont’s Promise.


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    Great review about my historical novel!

    Historical Christian Novel

    Child, remember God has a plan for you….Never forget that!’

    Set in the 1930’s the true story of this family is one of survival for some and not for others. The Great Depression has affected everyone, even those who live in town. Sybil wants nothing more than to make her Papa proud of her. This desire permeates almost everything she does. Deeply involved in socialism, Papa is a lot of talk and very little action. Realizing that she needs a purpose that is her own, spurs Sybil on to make very different choices than those that would be made for her.

    The author has put a great deal of research into this book, which is evident as you read the detail of the town, the people and even the politics. I could almost feel the grit in my teeth as I read about the dust bowl and the incredible drought. It must have been very difficult to believe that God had everything in control and had not abandoned them.

    Thanks, Betty Mace, for the great review!

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    Camping in the Barn

    barn outside

    A campfire outside provided us with perfect hamburgers and baked sweet potatoes. Numerous stars shone before the full moon rose and glowed on the woods around us. Nearby, Bill’s barn sat halfway completed.

    At the last minute, we had decided to camp in the upstairs of the barn. We had electricity, running water, and a toilet. What more could we want? I brought a few blankets, pillows and two blow up beds. But a barn without insulation or heat is about the same as sleeping outside. Cold as a deep winter freeze.

    It got down to in the forties. Maybe not cold compared to Alaska, but cold for Oklahoma. I wore long johns, two shirts and socks. Bill, thankfully, brought me a sleeping bag. He didn’t need one because he LOVES cold weather. He took two blankets, and I folded the third blanket to spread over my sleeping bag.

    Still chilly, I unzipped the sleeping bag and slipped on my light jacket and nestled down again.

    Now I can’t sleep until my body temperature is somewhere above 100 degrees, so once he began snoring, I wiggled out of the sleeping bag one more time, pulled on his extra pants and heavy Cabella hoodie, and wiggled back into the sleeping bag.

    Still cold, I pulled the hoodie over my head and lay quiet listening to the outside sounds. Now only my feet and nose were like ice.

    The small space heater faced my derriere. I moved it to my feet. Then to my face. Any warmth it might have blown out instantly vanished through the thin walls. I wanted to shove my husband and invite him into my sleeping bag, but he had dislodged his blankets and spread out like a comfortable Polar bear.


    Of course, the next thing that happens in the middle of a camping night is the necessity of a bathroom trip.

    The toilet was outside –down the stairs. Back into the barn.

    I tried to be quiet as I wormed out of my cocoon again, turned on my cell phone light, put on my shoes, and snuck out the door. Bill didn’t hear a thing. I shone the light around the wooded area, heard nothing, and ventured down the wooden stairs around the corner. It was so cold I could see my breath.

    I opened the downstairs barn door, saw moving shadows, screamed, and jumped back.

    We had seen raccoons and deer and snakes around the place. I calmed myself down. The light played on the four wheelers, looking spooky, but I saw no movement, not even a field mouse, only my shaking light. I stumbled through a scattering of wood, tools, and other men’s toys, until I got to the toilet. There’s something weird about stripping down four layers of clothing in the middle of a barn when it’s freezing weather.

    Safely back upstairs, I decided to wear my shoes to bed to help keep my feet warm. I climbed into the sleeping bag with them on. The zipper of the bag got stuck halfway open and it took fifteen minutes to loosen it. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep, as I tossed and turned to stay warm. I finally fell asleep toward morning.

    The sun wasn’t up yet when I heard Bill stretch and exclaim, “That was a great night, wasn’t it?” A chipper camper is not the first thing I wanted to hear. He heated water for hot chocolate, and watched the sun come up.

    When I slowly crawled out of my sleeping bag, he turned to look at me and laughed. “Well, good morning, Michelin man. How did you sleep?” With my layers of clothing, topped off with his huge pants and oversized hoodie, I suppose I did look like a stuffed elephant.

    I wanted to slug him, but what could I do when he brought me a cup of hot tea? After all, I had swiped his hoodie and refused to give it back.

    Didn’t the Lord teach that all people will know that we are followers if we love each other? John 13:35

    Ah. Yes. We love one another even if we have differences.


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    Art Cousins Camp

    Painting God’s Creatures

    We had nine of our grandchildren for three days for Cousins Camp! The other three grandkids couldn’t make it this year. The kids played, partied, and spent time together. We went to Paint Your Art Out with some second cousins, which was their favorite part of the camp. We also had food art, devotionals about God’s animals, Minute to Win It, indoor and outdoor games, and of course swimming. We visited an art gallery and had a game finding old pictures at an antique store. We always watch old movies or cartoons.  This year’s highlight was Dick Tracey and Scooby Doo.

    This was our 9th cousins camp. Click to see our  first cousins camp!

    We learned that God created animals and made each one special just like he makes each person special. Humans are different because we’re made in God’s image, meaning we have a spirit that can relate to Him. However, we’re told to take good care of all of God’s creation.

    We have some great artists in the bunch! Love them all!


    2018 cousins (285)