Historical novel

A Promise of Home

A new inspirational novel.

Announcing a new exciting, 1940s historical novel.

“This is an awesome book. I have loved the entire series.” Amazon Reviewer

“Intriguing, exciting, heartbreaking, and full of history.” A Series Reviewer

I’m so excited this new book has been released. It’s a great book set during the war. I’ve been told it’s one of my best.

As WW2 heats up, many young men from Fremont’s hometown of Shawnee, Oklahoma, enlist or get drafted. Word filters in about the wounded, the missing in action, and those who have died.

Fremont Pope avoids the draft, but to do his part, he finds a job at an ammunition plant in Colorado while his wife, mission-minded Sibyl, agrees to the move, hoping to teach women what she’s learned. They’re also glad to leave their cantankerous family behind in Oklahoma.
And then their family follows them to Colorado. Of all things!

When they have to move again, Fremont’s boss offers an amazing promotion back east. Their other choice is to move to New Mexico for mission work. It’s a tough choice. Plunge ahead to a lucrative corporate job or help a small new church grow.

They yearn to go home, but where is home? What does God want them to do? Are they willing to give up their dreams and begin again?

A Promise of Home, the fourth and final book in the Promise Series, carries the reader through a timeless family saga based on a compelling true story.

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