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Using Pinterest for my business

I love Pinterest, so I’ve found a way to use it with my new company, Memory House Publishing. I can “pin” pictures and ideas all in one place. See my company ideas at  or look for my name on Pinterest. I have also used it to help with realistic pictures of the 30’s and 40’s, the time when my historical novel is set.

Instead of saying I’m addicted to Pinterest, I might say, “I’m brainstorming!” For example, when decorating a room or designing our someday cabin, I can put ideas in one place, find them again (which is helpful on the internet), and compare different ideas.

Or when I’m sitting on my back porch planning one of my famous cousins’ camps for my twelve grandkids, I can tag almost anything. Our summer camp theme varies from year to year – last year we had a circus theme. The camp projects get out of hand, as my dear husband says, but hey, I love researching and keeping the pictures and sites all in one place. I might use the ideas and I might not.

So we’re trying to come up with a picture to represent our Memory House website. I put ideas on Pinterest. A rocking chair on a front porch overlooking a field or ocean is one idea. A book. A house. A door. All ideas I’m considering. Let me know what you think.

For encouragement I pin Bible verses like “You fill me with joy!” Psalm 16:7. And a quote I found and pinned is, “We forget facts, we remember stories.” Yes! A quote to motivate the writers among us.

I told you this company stuff was fun. kathryn

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