The Wonderland of Poets

The Phantom Island…be assured that such an island actually exists, and has from time to time been revealed to the gaze and trodden by the feet of favored mortals. Historians and philosophers may have their doubts, but its existence has been fully attested by that inspired race, the poets; who, being gifted with a kind of second sight, are enabled to discern those mysteries of nature hidden from the eyes of ordinary men. To this gifted race it has ever been a kind of wonderland.

     by Washington Irving in The Phantom Island

Who is a poet? I say– anyone who lives in a wonder land full of questions, imgination and creativity! Whether those who peek over walls at its beauty, those who dabble in life’s mysteries, or those who hesistate to return to reality. Perhaps anyone who dreams is a poet.  And don’t we all dream from time to time?


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