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Inside the Aldridge Hotel’s elegant lobby

Thanks to all who helped on my second historical novel, A Promise Child! The support and encouragement has been overwhelming. All the way from the editors, proofreaders, to friends and family members who came to set up for the book release party. Thank you everyone!

It had been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I must say, the Aldridge Hotel where we had the party is one of the most elegant spots in Shawnee. Plus the hotel existed back in the 1930s! I could pretend to be a rich Easterner traveling to Shawnee, Oklahoma, on a train for a few days of shopping and festivities.

Sibyl, a banker’s daughter, marries a penniless hobo during the 1930s Dust Bowl in Oklahoma. Her father abandons the family during one of the worst times in the twentieth century—the Great Depression. The wind blows the topsoil away, hundreds of jobless men hang around town, and the economics structure of the day falls apart. Even Fremont, her stable, handsome husband, grows discouraged and wants to return to California. Sibyl hopes to put the decade behind her and begin a new era. Finally Fremont finds a job and they have a new baby, but then disaster strikes again. Will her faith hold her through another trial? Will they be able to survive in Oklahoma or will they leave with thousands of others making their way west?

I’m looking forward to meeting readers and chatting about life in the 30’s. Based on a true story, A Promise Child can be found along with the first book in the series, A Promise to Break, on Amazon at

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