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Writing groups: What can you gain from them?

For the past year, I’ve soloed. No, not in an airplane yet. But I’ve been siting at my computer plugging away alone. Sealed in a vacuum as tight as Grandma’s cupboard.  Yes, words have been planted, sentences come together, and whole chapters penned, but not much wound up in the public’s eye.

So I’ve decided to step out into the writer’s arena again and attend some local Christian writing groups. Good place to start. What a surprise, even if it shouldn’t have been. Maybe it takes being away from other writers a while to truly appreciate the value of like-minded recluses.

I had completely forgotten how encouraging it is to get together with other writers, whether newcomers or published gurus. I forgot about helping others in their writing. Wait, isn’t that something Jesus taught? The importance of traveling together on life’s journey?

Anyway, it was a thoroughly uplifting time and I recommend any writer to find some wordsmith souls and scratch each other’s back (or mind). It will inspire you much more than the other person.

So find some group near you. Believe me, it will be worth it.


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Kathryn, thanks for including my posts on writing groups as related articles with you post. I’m glad you found them helpful. I’m even more glad that you found a group that works for you.

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