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Update on my Brother’s Health

My brother Fredrick has battled renal cancer for a few months. It appears to be all gone after the operation to take out the tumor and kidney but he has other medical issues now. He is losing blood somewhere. So much he is seriously anemic and had several blood transfusions during each of the past two weeks. Tests show nothing amiss through the digestive track. They will see a hematologist today.

Fredrick, a few years younger than me, is very fatigued and still unable to eat much. He has already lost over 35 pounds. He has to maintain his teaching job because he will be vested at the end of this semester, although he has little strength to go. (Hopefully, next semester he can take a sabbatical.)

Our family gathered the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Too many of us for any person’s house, we met at Shawnee Community Center. Wonderful time together. I’m including a picture of me with my awesome sisters and brothers. They are the best.


I know the power of your prayers. They have helped me deal with my cancer treatments this past month and kept me uplifted – such strong warriors who believe in God’s healing hand.

So, please add my brother to your prayers. Pray that he be encouraged, for he needs that very much. Pray that the doctors will find the source of his problems and a way to remedy it. And pray for his wife Jeri, who lovingly takes care of him. His health concerns are far from over, but God is greater.

“Surely God is good to the upright, to those who are pure in heart.” Psalms 73:1.  His address is Fredrick Akin, 19901 Coker Rd, Tecumseh, OK 74873 (not 73873).

 You are loved,


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I forgot how many brothers and sisters you had. Frederick went to school with my sister, Karen, I think. Karen graduated in 1973. I will let her know about Frederick. My prayers are with him, you, and all your family. I pray God will restore back to both of you health and a long life to serve Him and anything else that has been stolen from you, that is an attempt to stop you from serving him. Greater is He that is in you and Fred it

I was trying to say in the last minute: greater is He that is in you and Frederick then he that is in the world. I pray God will give the medical staff the knowledge and wisdom to find the right treatment for you and Frederick. I pray God will strengthen Frederick to get him through this semester. I pray all of this in Jesus name and know and believe he will answer our prayers

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