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Taking a Test

I don’t like tests. But then, I guess no one really likes tests. Here is what Charles Stanley states in The Reason for My Hope:

“Just as any good teacher, the Holy Spirit also from time to time gives you tests–not so that He might give you a grade, but so that you might discover the areas in which you still need to grow as well as appreciate how much you have grown in certain ways. The tests that God sends your way are never intended to destroy you. Neither are they for God’s purposes of evaluation. He already knows your heart and what the outcome of the test will be. The test, rather, is for your sake. God wants you to know yourself better.”

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Hi, Kathryn,

I took a long time to visit your blog. It really inspire me.

All what I can say are well done and God bless you and Bill. You are so wonderful.

My wife and I are your fans now. We will frequently visit your website as a soul depot.

Hello Kathryn,
I appreciate your words. I hope so too. I like your phrases. Thanks a lot of it. Thank you.
I feel much better when I read this. I mean I hope I will be better.

Thank you.

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