Sometimes Love Hurts

Have you ever loved so much it hurt? Loved those unlovely souls who need a tender touch from God? I’m talking about the people no one wants to think about, like the woman imprisoned for murder, the lowly, blind beggar in India, or the drug addict on the street corner. Those kinds of unlovely. HowContinue reading “Sometimes Love Hurts”

Even then, should I rejoice?

  When opportunity brings joy, should I rejoice? When daybreak brings tranquility, should sadness enter in? What if around the world there’s pain? What if a mother’s under strain to feed her child? Should I rejoice, and laugh and play? When morning comes to brighten me while children play around my knee and my heartContinue reading “Even then, should I rejoice?”

Ladies Retreat at the Cabin

Sharing with women, walking through the pine trees, eating delicious spaghetti chicken, what more could you ask for? And yes, God’s Spirit was certainly there. He led us to understand more truth about Him. More understanding of His awesome love for us. Women from Antioch Baptist Church met at Pa’s Cabin in the Woods for a retreatContinue reading “Ladies Retreat at the Cabin”

Antioch Here I Come

 This weekend I’m driving with my sis, Kay, to Antioch Baptist Church, in Carthage, Texas! I’m so excited. My counselor sister, Keren, and I have given eight retreats for women about dealing with emotions, but this is the first ladies retreat based on my Bible study, Love From the Inside Out. I’ve taught the study several times at HendersonContinue reading “Antioch Here I Come”

Fake Love

True love versus false love. How can we tell the difference? Both may be as attractive as roses, but one is the dime-store plastic kind and the other a fragrant red beauty. We need something more substantial than a temporary solution, wider than an Oklahoma sunset, and deep enough to fill the void inside.  Actually, we need a God’s kind ofContinue reading “Fake Love”

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