13 things we learned from our trip to Japan #japantrip #traveltojapan

Apprehensive about his first trip to Japan, my husband, Bill researched the cultural dos and don’ts online. He did not want to offend anyone. However, after a long 24 hour trip, friends greeted us as we stepped off the plane and made us feel welcome. Someone accompanied us everywhere we went and guided us throughContinue reading “13 things we learned from our trip to Japan #japantrip #traveltojapan”

Cancer free for two years!

It has been two years since my last radiation or chemotherapy treatment! For two years now, I have been cancer free. It hasn’t always been easy. I had some effects to deal with but that too, has subsided. Trying to eat healthy. And I am back up to my normal before-cancer weight! (I had hopedContinue reading “Cancer free for two years!”

My Christmas Miracle

I am a recovering humbug; I always start the Christmas season as a scrooge. Right around Thanksgiving, I get the shakes, the tension, and the stressful headaches. Too much to do: shopping for presents for six kids, in-laws, distant relatives, and twelve remarkable grandkids, cards to address and mail to loved ones around the word,Continue reading “My Christmas Miracle”

Going Home

Here’s one of my poems published in the Lutheran Digest. It reminds me of my young nephew Daniel, who now sits on his heavenly Father’s lap, and of Carl, Louise’s husband, who is greatly missed here on earth. I AM HOME  Close my eyes and think of heaven. Enter in the pearly gates. Greet withContinue reading “Going Home”

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