Follow me as I start a publishing company

At my home office. I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and decided to start a company. Yep, it was that quick of a decision. However, I do have some background that is supportive. I have amassed a monumental amount of writings, most of which sits in my closet unpublished. I have aContinue reading “Follow me as I start a publishing company”

What happens when you get too close to the fire?

When I went to Nicaragua last summer on a mission trip with my granddaughters, my hair was near its worst. In that overabundance of humidity, I looked like a shaggy mutt with uncontrollable locks. That’s me. Wild, crazy, wavy hair. I plan to go back to Nicaragua in January 2016 and speak. I have triedContinue reading “What happens when you get too close to the fire?”

My last oxygen treatment for now

I spent my 40th hyperbaric oxygen treatment in silence. No movies. No music. Just two and a half hours of plain old prayer, meditation and dozing. I never expected to get tired of movies because I’m a great fan of a good plot, but about the 30th flick in a row, Movieland became a badContinue reading “My last oxygen treatment for now”

A Nicaraguan mission trip

Our week-long family mission trip to Nicaragua awed me: the time spent with my twin granddaughters, and the opportunity to see mission work in a beautiful country I had heard about for years. The 3 hour plane ride from Houston to Managua was not too bad (after our long trip to Japan.) The girls withContinue reading “A Nicaraguan mission trip”

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