When children are taken away from their country

Should children be removed from their culture, adopted, and taken to another country, thereby losing their heritage? I recently encountered this question and wanted to add my tidbit, because, certainly, there are plus and minuses. I lived in an orphanage in South Korea when I was twenty-one and adopted two baby girls. In the 1970’sContinue reading “When children are taken away from their country”

Korean Adoptees Find Each Other

Adoptees from the small Ilmagwon Orphanage in Gunsan, South Korea, are connecting after almost forty years! My two adopted daughters, Gina and Treasure, and I returned to Korea for the first time in 2012. I was in Korea from 1972 to 1974, living several months in the orphanage. We met the same woman, Mrs. Park,Continue reading “Korean Adoptees Find Each Other”

Korea: Time to Leave on Trip

We leave for Korea today, and while packing, I found that my favorite black pants needed hemming. Ducked taped it and then remembered Mrs. McDonald, my high school home-ec teacher who never approved of my methods. So I found a needle and thread, but only found brown, so I sewed the hem and it looked worseContinue reading “Korea: Time to Leave on Trip”

Korea: Old Pictures of Ilmagwon Orphanage

While planning our trip to Korea, I found some old pictures of the orphanage – some 38 years ago no less, where my two Korean daughters were from  – and I lived for a short while. It was also called Il Maek Won. It has moved locations and now has older children also. Notice the girlsContinue reading “Korea: Old Pictures of Ilmagwon Orphanage”

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