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A Road Trip to Hollis

Hollis, where my father grew up, is a little town in the far southwest corner of Oklahoma, still charming in many ways. It took about three hours to drive there from Oklahoma City. On the trip, my brother, sister, and I passed cotton fields that looked like patches of snow, visited a cemetery that was as hot, dry, and dusty as if going back to the Dust Bowl age, and took pictures of old stores, churches, and schools where my family once walked.

The day trip was fun, especially with my siblings in tow. Since all of us had visited there as children, we reminisced about our childhood and favorite relatives. Thank you Keren and David for accompanying me.

We visited the Harmon County Historical Society where we found pictures of my dad when he graduated in 1948 and many names of relatives mentioned in historical books. Then we went to the Harmon County Courthouse, where a nice lady helped us look through monster books that went back to the beginning of time, or the beginning of the county’s statehood. Marriages. Divorces. Testaments. We found a great aunt’s marriage licenses from the 1920’s, and my great grandparents’ will and testament. What a find!

Joe’s Grill, a hometown café, gave us an awesome lunch. If you ever go through Hollis, try the special catfish meal. It came complete with homemade German Chocolate cake.

I’m considering writing a short story or historical novel about my father’s family from Harmon County. Set in the 1930’s like my other historical books, this one would be about the five sisters and the baby girls they lost during the Great Depression. Where was God when the Dust Bowl hit Hollis residents so hard?

The Bible instructs us to remember the past. Remember what God has done. Deuteronomy 32:7 states, “Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.”

Digging into the past has been a challenge. I love looking back to see how God worked through people. He was always there, always helping, always loving. However, sometimes you have to look really deep to see it!

You can find my Christian novels based on real people, A Promise to Break, and A Promise Child, on Amazon.

Historical novel

Where to find my historical novel

My new novel, A Promise Child, second book in the Promise series, continues the story of Sibyl, a banker’s daughter, who falls in love with Fremont, a penniless hobo. It is now available at several places:

Memory House Publishing:



Best of Books at 1313 East Danforth, Edmond, OK

The Living Word, at the Shawnee Mall, OK<img

The Arts 317 317 E Main St, Shawnee, OK 74801

Pottawatomie County Museum, (Santa Fe Museum)

If you like this book, or the first one, A Promise to Break, I would appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Thank you! God has blessed me more than I deserve!


Historical novel

Camping in the 1930s

Researching for my 1930s novels, The Promise Series, has revealed that life back then was just that—life. They loved, dreamed, despaired and hoped just like we do today. And they went camping!
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I found this picture among my family relics. It’s my grandfather, Fremont Pope and his two oldest children, Margaret and Judson. Isn’t Fremont a handsome man?

I can’t see the date clearly on the bottom of the picture but it looks like 1937. And apparently they figured out how to make a tent and bed with little of today’s conveniences. I wish I knew what kind of car they had in this picture but it must be from the 30s.

I’m ready to get your response from my new book, the second book in the series, A Promise Child. The book is based on a true story. The Depression ripped through Sibyl Trimble’s hometown of Shawnee, and left dying stores, repossessed farms, and countless men and women out of work and living in poverty, Many people headed west to save their families. Would Sibyl and Fremont abandon Oklahoma and their hopes and dreams for the promises in California? Or would they find a way to survive in Shawnee, Oklahoma?

You’re welcome to come to the book release on August 15th from 6 to 8 at the Aldridge Hotel in Shawnee, Oklahoma!