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Great news today! Sugar Mule, an online poetry magazine, accepted two of my poems for publication! Progression and Uncertain Future. Of course, they won’t be published until July, 2010, but that’s okay. I’ll share a different poem here (a silly one).


If fear were a crawling
beetle bug monster
sneaking into your room
you would shut all the doors
and latch every window
and chase him around with a broom.

You would seal up the mouse holes
and chase him in circles
swat him with mama’s flyswatter
you would throw him into
the kitchen trash can
imprisoned, for he doesn’t matter.

Now if by chance
fear still exists
this beetle bug silly ole monster
catch him again
don’t let him run lose
tease him with old fashioned laughter.

Kathryn Spurgeon
Christian writer and speaker Memory House Publishing

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  1. Lillian Turner says:

    I loved your poem as well as your other posts but that one brought out the kid in me.

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