Edmond, Oklahoma

I take care of my own little world and let the rest take care of itself.

Inspiring creeks may be right around the block. This little place was a stone’s throw away from my  house, but even when i noticed it I failed to take in the view and sit and write. However, Markus’s blog has made me think about my views on life issues. Since I’m not much of a talker, I desperately desire to use paper and pen to voice my thoughts. I feel tongue tied and if I can ever conquer the mysterty of moving ideas from my head to my fingers, i’ll be ectastic.

If we believe in Jesus, truly believe, then He msut begin to take place in our thoughts and ideas. The world begins to looks different than before. My own view didn’t change overnight, but eventually He took the blinders off my thought patterns and, viola, I saw better. It was almost topsy turvy, like much of what I liked before, I dislike now, and what I disagreed with before, I embrace. I am always amazed at how much people are influenced by what goes on around them, and how easily they accept the mores of the society in which they live. Surely not me, I never did that! Oh yes, my thoughts followed the masses, but some of my ideas have since changed – and not just because I’m older – once I thought partying (the getting wiped out kind) was okay as long as I handled myself, i thought abortion was something i didn’t need to evalute since i was not involved and gay marriages were someone elses business. I took care of my own little world and let the rest take care of itself. Not so any more. When the media and outside world moves into the neighborhood  down the street and starts influencing my own circle of friends and family, I have to be willing to say – hold it right there. It’s time to step up and get my mouse in hand.

It’s not that i disagree with Markus. I’m impressed with the deep searching echo that bounces off his words, especially his total dedication to seeking truth, and his lack of hesistancy to speak out, but it has brought something to my attention that I never quite saw before. The platform where most college kids start. That’s what I want to address. Where are we starting? What are the beliefs sitting in this generations’ heads? Do I even know? Maybe that’s the first question to address. Perhaps I should walk around the block and take a look.

For a long time i have held my peace, i have kept still and restrained myself; now i will cry out like a woman in travail, i will gasp and pant. Isaiah 42:14

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