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Reserved for You

A dear friend gave me a book by Charles Spurgeon, Morning by Morning.  I may be a little strange, but I started at the beginning of the book in January, even though it’s December. Some habits never die.

So January 10th, Spurgeon states: There is one crown in heaven the angel Gabriel cannot wear. It will fit no one’s head but mind. And there is one throne in heaven even the apostle Paul could not fill. It was made for me–and I will have it!

Thanksgiving Day, I decorated three tables for twenty-four family members who came to my house. What a blessing! My granddaughter made name plates for each person, designating where they would sit.  Even the babies had a place.

Heaven is like that. At the Great Banquet, I will have a chair, or throne, with my name on it. It may be far down in a distant corner  or up in the back row of  the balcony. It doesn’t matter because it will be prepared specifically for me. No one else can fill my spot.

 Jesus is preparing my place and some day, He will usher me in. I sure look forward to it. What a celebration that will be! 

Have you reserved your seat today?

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