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Read all five Thomas Sister books now!

I’m excited to share all five of the inspirational Thomas Sister Books! Born in the late 1800s, each sister faces her own hardships. But sisterly love helps them get through.

The Thomas Sister Series.

Mary Bobbie

Mary Bobbie, the oldest and most jovial of the sisters, keeps a terrible secret for ten years. Will her family be disappointed if they find out what she has done? Will they still respect her?

Sally Matilda

Sally Matilda, a former high school football queen, marries the school’s handsome running back. Her perfect life shatters when he falls into abusiveness and addictions. How will she respond when a life-changing crisis arises?

Susie May

Susie May, the cute, petite middle sister, marries the most handsome band director in the country. After many moves and disappointments, what will she do when his tragic, double life becomes known in her home town?

Jennie Rue

Jennie Rue, stable and God-fearing, agrees to nurse the sickly wife of an older man with two children. When he becomes a widow and wants to marry her, is it for love or convenience?

Annie Crump

Annie Crump still grieves the loss of her fiancé, but a tall, good-looking barber melts her heart. For some reason, he never tells her about his former life. How will she manage when an ex-wife appears and files a lawsuit to take everything they own?

Based on true stories. I hope you enjoy reading the THOMAS SISTER SERIES as much as I’ve enjoyed researching and writing them.

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l have read all 5 of the Thomas Sisters books and they are so exciting I couldn’t put them down until I finished each one and wanted the next one. They tell the story of how hard life was in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in Oklahoma. Each sister has her share of happiness as well as tragedy that we can relate to today. I highly recommend these books as well as the other books that Kathryn Spurgeon has written.

Dear Kathryn, my name is Kristine Anderson and am a direct descendant of Sam their only brother. Is there another book in the works about him?

How exciting to find a descendant of Sam. I’ve thought about writing his story to go along with the sisters, but I don’t have a lot of information. I’d love to connect sometime.

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