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Praise God, the skin cancer is gone!

Surgery went well. The skin cancer is gone. We got to the surgery center at 7:30 a.m. and left about noon. The doc did a MOHS surgery, where they cut a hole in my leg and tested the edges for cancer. We waited and then they cut a little more. Then it all tested clean!  It’s amazing that it only took two times to get it all. (With the leg pain I had, I was afraid they would have to cut off my leg! Mr. Bill only laughed at me.  🙂

Awake during the surgery, I sang my favorite Jesus hymn songs in my head. So glad I had practiced during radiation/chemo therapy. I like Psalm 101:1 “I will sing of your love and justice to you. O Lord, I will sing praise.”

 The cut was about a 2 inch circular area and the doc was able to stitch it up without any skin grafts. (Another of my concerns.) Mr. Bill took pictures if you want to see, but believe me, they are yucky.  No skin graft was good news and an answer to prayers. It will heal quicker without a graft. I may have a funny looking scar on my leg but that will only remind me of what God has done for me.

 Several other people sat in the surgery waiting room with us, all for the MOHS skin surgery. Most were older and had bandages on their nose, forehead, or cheeks. So here’s my warning. Stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen, or you too will be dealing with this skin cancer stuff someday.

 Aunt Frances’ surgery went well too. The doc removed the bad spots on the bladder seen on earlier scans and she is doing fine. They kept her in the hospital all night to watch her. We haven’t heard back about the biopsy, but I know God will take care of her.

 Now I am sitting with an ice pack on my leg and will have to keep it elevated for a week or two. Also I’m wondering why I was so worried. God takes us through the tough days with compassion and concern. He promises to stay beside us and I am so grateful He did.

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Why am I always a little amazed when God grants our requests…in this case for Him to touch you with His healing power. Thankful for Jehovah Jireh!

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