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Picture of Sibyl’s First Baby

Sibyl and Fremont Pope’s adorable first baby, born under questionable circumstances and raised during the Great Depression, became a beautiful, godly, and loving woman. However, I’m getting ahead of my story, the few pages of time dedicated to Sibyl and Fremont. If history could be contained in a book, a million pages would not cover a single day.

Here is the baby’s adorable pictures. Don’t you love those beautiful blue eyes?

Margaret Pope Akin, born in 1933

Great Depression Family Saga

This historical romance series, or family tale, is based upon the true story of a destitute but stable (and handsome) Christian man and a privileged, moody, and brilliant socialite. It moves like a trek through the mountains. Up to the glorious view from Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains before dipping into the treacherous, unpredictable valleys along the North Canadian River. Will they allow heartaches to steal their family vision or follow the Lord wherever he might lead?

Margaret, the baby girl of their first love, is still living at 87 years old, and shares their amazing tale. Suffering from bladder cancer and weak from treatment, she still has a memory worthy of a few of those historical pages. Her faith during trials has bolstered hundreds, including me, and some sweet day she’ll reap the rewards. “For this light affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” 2 Corinthians 4:17

See the novel, A Promise to Break, for the awesome story about this family. Published by Memory House Publishing, LLC.

Please pray for Margaret Pope Akin as she reviews the last changes of the third book in the 1930s historical series, Fremont’s Promise.


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Thank you for cherishing and sharing the Pope Family History!! Eva Pope Affholter

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