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Overnight Chefs

My 11-year-old twin granddaughters become chefs overnight. It happened last week when they asked to use my kitchen for an hour. I hesitated, like any normal adult would who has ever been a kid. The hesitation passed in my desire to keep them happy, and an hour later, I beheld their amazing work. They somehow found a Dutch Apple Pie recipe in my trove of cookbooks; converted it to Apple Cupcakes; made their own homemade pie crust, used apples from the apple tree in my back yard and came up with an amazing, delicious desert. Wow!

Not finished showing off their culinary skills, the girls requested permission to cook a “special” dinner for my husband and I. What? I should have had more confidence in their abilities, but, okay, the hesitation faded again. We drove to the grocery store where they chose the food, then they set a table complete with candles, donned aprons, and Voilà – a wonderful meal.  The reasonable prices on the homemade menu began with shrimp cocktail for 25 cents! I do believe we have connoisseurs in the making. Here are a few pictures of that premiere meal.

Dutch Apple Cupcakes


The secret recipe.


Special jewelry they made earlier.
They insisted I dress up!

Oh, I failed to mention the blueberry pie, honey candy and jelly rolls they made the next day!

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