Our Trip to Korea

I’m excited for my 3 daughters and I to be going to Korea, me – after 38 years.  

When I was 19 years old, I left Oklahoma to live in Korea, because my husband at the time was stationed at Kunsan Air Force Base. While there, we adopted two baby girls. He left and I stayed in the orphanage for a while. If you know me, you know it was hard to leave Korea without a dozen more children! I came back to the US, had a baby girl and my husband and I divorced. How God took care of me and my three children during the next twenty some years is another story, but He did – in amazing ways.

My three daughters grew up, graduated from college, married wonderful guys, and gave me beautiful grandchildren. After they were grown, God blessed me with Bill, a godly husband, and three step children. Our heavenly Father has been so good!

Through helping International students at UCO, Bill and I have met many wonderful young people over the years, and grown to love them. Many times, Korean students have invited us to visit. I want to see them again, face to face, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

I contacted the orphanage, Il Mag Won Babies Home, the one where my daughters lived, and it is still there. About 35 children live in the orphanage today. The Orphanage Director is the son of the couple I knew before. In fact, his mother who ran the orphanage is now ninety years old and, hopefully, we’ll see her.

So for the first time since 1974, on May 24th, 2012, my three daughters and I will travel to South Korea and spend 12 days. I remember the old Korea, but I’ve been assured it has changed a lot. Just like I have.

Ilmagwon Orphanage and loved Korean students, here we come – we will never be the same, well, actually, Korean orphans changed my life many years ago!

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Loved reading this Kathryn. I am so happy you and the girls are going back to Korea. How nice it will be for Gina and Treasure to see where they were born. My prayers are with each of you as you make this trip. Delores Routh

I think it is wonderful that you and the girls can return and see just where they are from.The trip will bet great for them and for you just to see how much things have changed and to renew freindship with ones you have not seen in all those years.God bless you and the girl with a safe and happy trip.Donna Hinton

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