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New Christian historical novel set in the 1930s

New Christian historical novel about the 1930s!

I’ll be at By the Book at Henderson Hills Baptist Church on Sunday morning. They will be selling my book.! Dennis Newkirk, our pastor, has graciously reviewed the book. Here is his endorsement.

“Kathryn Spurgeon has given us a very special story. I found myself sensing the weight of the central character’s desire to keep the promise she makes in spite of all the reasons there seem to be to break the promise. Sibyl’s loyalty to the ones she loves and fear of life’s unknowns display a raw humanity that most of us can relate to on several levels—even if there are times in the story we wish we didn’t! In the end, this is less a story of Sibyl trying to keep her promise as it is a story of Sibyl learning a lesson that we desperately need today. We need to understand that God’s grace overcomes our mistakes and His sovereignty will actually work all things together for the good of those who love Him. That understanding will have a profound impact on our daily lives. I encourage you to read this fine work.”

A Promise to Break will also be in several other bookstores, including Living Word at the Shawnee Mall, Best of Books in Edmond, and the Pottawatomie County Historical Museum & Historical Society.

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I finished your book much sooner than intended. Because of the descriptions of the locale, I could insert myself into the action. Thank you for sharing this story of your family through the years. Such a joy to see faith and love presented in a positive and victorious manner.

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