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New Bible study class starting in Shawnee

Thursday night at 6:00, I will begin teaching a new Bible study I wrote entitled, Jesus, One on One, Forty Encounters with Jesus. It is about how Jesus responded to individuals. Beginning September 15, 2016, the women’s group will meet at Temple Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma!

For several years, I have counseled women in jail, the Ministries of Jesus, and students needing help. Even though I had several certificates and Biblical training, I was curious about how Jesus would handle individuals who came to him with specific questions or problems. As I studied I realized that the book of Matthew had at least forty incidents where Jesus reacted to one person by themselves. As a  former accountant, this number was exciting and I began to study each incident.

Here’s the new book’s back page: What if you saw Jesus face to face? Would you tremble in fear, shout for joy or beg for mercy? Study about individuals who encountered Jesus and how they responded. Step into the shoes of those who met Him. What did the Foreigner think? How did the Leper feel? Why did the Woman wash Jesus’ feet with her hair? What was she thinking anyway?

It was a fun study and has been broken down into eight weeks, five individual encounters a week. This book has not been released yet, and I hope to get feedback from the women in the group before it is published.  Any input will be appreciated. Please pray for me as i lead this study. Here is my first attempt at a book cover.

Cover of new book


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