Love From the Inside Out

The teenage girl looked out from the bars of a cold jail cell. When she spoke about abuse and abandonment, anger bubbled over and hot tears rushed down her cheeks. Only God and His love, I realized, could reach this one, not me nor any other counselor on the floor. As a volunteer jail chaplain, I hoped to make a difference in the lives of incarcerated women. Instead they changed me. 

This book has two parts.

One is the true story about how I learned to love. As CEO of a corporation responsible for the medical needs of thousands of inmates, I thought I knew everything. When a lawsuit sent my company in a downward spiral, amazingly, women in jail helped me cope. I counseled an inmate the next year and recognized her as the woman who sued me. She accepted Christ. Each chapter contains different stories of women inmates I met while working in the jail.

The second part of the book is a Bible study on steps we can take to learn to love others. Many Christians desire to love one another in a Christ-like way but may not know how. The study shows how love can grow and expand.

Love From the Inside Out is approximately 200 pages long or 60,000 words. It has been taught four times to groups of women with the following feedback.


From women who took one of the 12 week classes.

 This has been one of the best Bible studies I’ve ever had! It has been very practical. You are a true blessing. Mary Jane Donahoe

 Thank you for sharing your testimony about love. Your ministry to women in prison has caused me to see those women as real people who need Christ’s love. Jermaine Onarecker

 I especially liked the concept of the rose, starting from a seed and growing into a beautiful rose full of God’s love. I learned so much from others lives and experiences.  They are truly heartwarming and uplifting.  If they can be filled with so much love for God, anyone can. I had never thought of the steps I have worked through to increase my faith. I liked how each built upon the week before and also how you can get stuck in one place and that keeps you from moving on in your growth. Dana Tilford – Dietician

 I loved the stories about the women in jail. It was such [an] inspiration. Would not change anything. I have really grown in my trust of God during this study. I am learning to love myself and trust God with my life.  Aleshia Morgan

 I think there is so much  important information that the class could continue several weeks more. Loved it. It will always be incorporated in my life. It has already started to make a difference in a strained relationship with my mother.  Shirley Fortenberry

 I learned so much from this study! I truly know God’s love. I also learned how to forgive and how to love those who are hard to love. Becky Stout

 My favorite things were the stories and the step-by-step outline through the verse in Peter made it easy to understand and learn from.  I thought it was very interesting and helpful—it seemed to be very balanced to me.  I loved it!  I think it will benefit many people. Candice M. Thurman

 I liked the illustrations like sin “clogging the drain”—little things you can remember later down the line. Lisanne J. Crosswhite

 It is to clear to understand. I just want to start over again, because it has been so good.  This study was just right for me. Joyce Colston

  My favorite part was all the many life experiences given, also getting to learn about prison ministry—an area about which I had no knowledge. I must say that a gentle spirited teacher like Kathryn also adds to the effectiveness of this study. It impressed me when quiet-mannered people can accomplish so much, even in the midst of those who are more aggressive! Mary Joan Johnston

 My favorite thing about the Bible study was that is provided biblical proof of the greatness of God’s love.  Anonymous

 The Bible study is very needed.  I can do this study more than once and learn new each time. I will recommend this study to my friends. Billie Atkinson

 God has really spoken to me through you.  Shirley Fortenberry

 Thank you for being the body of Christ to the women that the world consider undesirable. Karen Henderson

 You so exemplify Christ that others can’t possibly miss seeing Him through you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving practical advice on how to grow.  Patty Barnes

 This is a wonderful study, one I never took the time to learn what each one (subject) meant.  You have brought them alive and so practical too, so I can apply them daily. Judy Peterson

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