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More than Bubble Wrap

What ranks high for the 2010 Christmas so far!

Watching my grandson’s preschool program and as the others are singing Rudolph, this 3-year-old yells from the stage, “Hi, Grandma!” while waving both hands.

Sharing the gospel with a Chinese girl over hot tea and Sweet Mung Bean Soup.

Watching a fantastic Christmas play directed by my daughter.

Choosing our live Christmas tree from the Christmas tree farm.

In their excitement of decorating their first Christmas tree, letting two foreign college students put every single ornament we’ve ever owned on the tree.

Hearing a Chinese girl ask, “Is Santa Claus and Jesus the same person?” knowing it gave me a chance to explain.

Listening to my twin granddaughters play the clarinet together at their first band concert.

Saying my grandson had an excellent voice when he sang with his school choir – of course I could distinguish him.

Having a tea party with my 6-year-old granddaughter on her December birthday. 

Using my deceased Aunt Blanche’s painting for some Christmas cards.

Sending a package of toys, socks, pencils to handicapped kids in India.

Cooking taco soup for about 60 college students right before finals.

Seeing my teenage granddaughter dress up in a dressy dress.

Buying all Mardel’s little pink NIV Bibles for International students.

Watching my husband on the game show at his company party.

God is good! Can’t wait to see what the next week will bring!

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Muzhen, you are very sweet. I am beginning to love the Chinese girls!

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