Mission trip called “Valuable Women”

Every mission trip is different and every mission trip the same.  Different countries, different teams, and different agendas. The same? There are always service-oriented people, always spiritual growth, and always, always love. Of course, there are always difficulties, too.

For the ladies on this mission trip to Nicaragua, our goal was to minister to women from the villages near the dump at a teaching conference called “Valuable Women”—teaching that women are precious and important to God. No matter their past, their culture, or their views: God loves them as they are. Some awesome teachers from my church, HHBC, taught about marriage, parenting and service.  About sixty sweet women attended.


I gave my testimony, speaking about how I looked everywhere for love and grappled with loneliness and guilt, believing no one truly cared. Then God’s amazing love changed me. His love filled up my heart where no one else could. He is such an awesome God!

The squatters village by the city dump. See the smoke from the dump in the background.
Pastor Rafael and Pastor Anna


Some of our ladies team


Team with Sergio and Deborah our translator

We had difficulties during the trip like last minute handouts needed, printer running out of ink, and our leader too sick to attend the meeting after her hard work putting it together. One teacher got sick on the trip home. Oh. But I believe God was with us because we obeyed and shared the gospel as he asks us to do.

So I have been touched once again by ladies on my team and the Nicaragua women who were so gracious even amidst their poverty, trails and hardships. I long to be as kind as they are, so that the true Spirit of God may shine through. I was certainly blessed.


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