Louisiana Plantation pics

Ever want to tour old plantations? St Francisville is the place to visit. My all-time highest-seen blog is from our trip to Louisiana. (Could be the way I linked it.)  See the first one at:

Around the town of  St. Francisville  are almost a dozen plantations dated back to the 1800’s and a few even older. Although most of the plantations are open year round, and have guided tours at a minimal cost, consider going when the Azaleas are in bloom like during April. Color is everywhere.  Spanish moss, old cemeteries, and huge trees. Slave cabins, the finest antiques, and a history nowhere else. Stay a day or two at a bed and breakfast. It is well worth the trip. I’d love to go back some day.

This first picture is the Greenwood Plantation, the grandest example with 28 columns around it. Others to tour are the Catalpa Plantation, Myrtle Plantation and the Oakley House at Audobon State Park.

We loved the Oak Alley Plantation, (picture in the prior blog) maybe because my husband gave me a Keith Andry painting of it on our first date  – which I’ll never sell. 🙂

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