Ladies Retreat at the Cabin

Sharing with women, walking through the pine trees, eating delicious spaghetti chicken, what more could you ask for? And yes, God’s Spirit was certainly there. He led us to understand more truth about Him. More understanding of His awesome love for us.

Women from Antioch Baptist Church met at Pa’s Cabin in the Woods for a retreat on April 1st and 2nd. A special candle light dinner on Friday night and all day teaching on Saturday. Long day for me as I taught because allergies gave me a terrible sore throat, and since I don’t have strong vocal chords anyway, the women had to be quiet to hear me! Tough duty. But they pulled through and opened up and shared from their hearts. Saturday, it seemed, was much more relaxed. I love teaching, especially to women who love the Lord so much. Thanks to all the wonderful women who put this together! You did an awesome job!

My sister, Kay, drove with me down there ( about 6 hour trip one way!) which made the trip easier. Thanks, Kay! Here are a few pictures taken from the retreat.

A few of the ladies
Ma, the ringleader

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