Korea: Time to Leave on Trip

We leave for Korea today, and while packing, I found that my favorite black pants needed hemming. Ducked taped it and then remembered Mrs. McDonald, my high school home-ec teacher who never approved of my methods. So I found a needle and thread, but only found brown, so I sewed the hem and it looked worse than the duck tape, so I went back to the duck tape. Fellow classmates please don’t sigh.

My new wood floor looks great. I know it’s a crazy thing to do just before our trip, but the trim still needs re-done and the walls painted where I used the wrong color. I made 4 trips to the store to try to match the paint. No luck. Guess Bill will have something to do while I’m gone. 🙂

Anyway, I’m almost packed and looking forward to seeing many former students, lovely young men and women who visited our home in Edmond for Bible studies, a meal, or simply a chat. Please pray for our time with them. Here’s part of our schedule. We’ll spend 3 to 4 days in three different cities.

In Seoul, we’ll meet Seung Heon Daniel, who will take us to the hotel. We’ll see Jung Hwa, (our shopping tour guide) her son Minsu, HD, HongKun with his children Ruth and Joseph, JongChae, SungEun, Song Hee, and Victoria. We’ll see lots of sights because it is Buddha’s birthday.

Then we’ll travel to Daejeon and have lunch with Solji before going on to Gunsan to visit the orphanage.

Lastly, we’ll go to Pusan and visit Yeong Eun, Jiin, JongHoon, BoMi, SoonMi. Also, Jessica Lough, who is teaching English there, will come sometime that weekend. What a wonderful time we will have.

If any other friends are in Korea, please contact me. We don’t want to miss seeing you!

We can still get texts and facebook (hold the phone calls because they cost $2.59 a minute).Gotta go finish rolling up shirts. We’re meeting at my daughter’s house tonight to drive to Dallas and then at 5 am, we fly to San Fran before leaving the good old USA. See you in a few weeks!

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