Kim Bops

Two daughters who love Korean food came to make kim bops. Traditionally, we get together to eat Korean food. Anyone thinking of entering into the family must be submitted to this tradition.

Now who would have thought my Korean daughters woud share my love for this food! 🙂 Now the kimchi is a little much for t, but some day she’ll come around.  Hey, I just read that the fermented cabbage is good for your digestive system! Everyone, I think, likes the bulgogi, Korean BBQ.

Anyway, we had a great time, and a few of the grandkids love the kim bops too.  In case you don’ t know, they are rice and vegetables wrapped in seaweed.  They look like sushi without the fish!

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i can’t come around to the kimchi because it’s too HOT! do they make a mild kimchi because i do long the cabbage! thanks for hosting us. we loved it!

Didn’t see how to make a comment on the post. Came back last night from a kim bop feast. My daughter-in-law is Korean, and her mom made platters full for a family dinner. I can’t get enough of them!

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