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I began hyperbaric oxygen treatments #radiationdamage

I started hyperbaric oxygen treatments yesterday to help with wound care and radiation damage. After evaluation, doctors’ referrals and insurance approval, I began the treatments at Mercy Hospital. My cancer has been gone for 2 1/2 years but radiation left some damage to deal with. These  oxygen treatments are supposed to help. So, I look at this as a positive step.

kathryn in bubble

I was nervous as I changed into an all-cotton hospital gown. I could wear no jewelry, lotion, hair products, nail polish, or contacts—due to the risk of catching fire in the oxygen rich chamber!

I spent two and a half hours in a pressurized 100% oxygen bubble, pressurized to about 40 feet below sea level. My ears popped (like in an airplane) during the 15 minutes toward maximum pressurization, and during the 15 minutes as I was brought back to normal pressure.

Yesterday, for the first treatment, I chose to spend the time dozing and praying, reverting back to my radiation days when I sang Jesus songs to myself! I felt fine.

If I could read books during that time, I would be delighted. But unfortunately, I can’t take a book or kindle into the bubble chamber with me. That limits the choices to sleeping, praying, or watching movies.

Every day for the next three months I will spend the morning getting treatments, except the week I go on a mission trip to Nicaragua, and Cousins’ Camp when all 12 grandkids will be here.

Today, I watched “Fried Green Tomatoes” while in the bubble. I love watching movies, but really—60 movies! If you know a good movie, please make a suggestion; I’ll be glad to try it out as long as it is not scary or rated bad!

Please pray for my health and that God will continue to strengthen me. Although I’m not looking forward to time in the bubble, I am looking forward to completing the hyperbaric treatments and hopefully, healing of some radiation damage.

You are loved,


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Praying for effective treatment and rapid treatment.
The Anne of Green Gables videos are good.

Hmmm, surely there are loads of international documentaries we can track down. I’ll shoot titles over if I come across any, although there hasn’t been a movie watching season in quite some time. PS I’m supposed to start radiation soon. Not sure how I feel about it, though. :/

Thanks. I’ll be praying for you (I have 2 1/2 hours to pray, shorter if i’m watching a movie) I know that having people pray for me during the radiation made a lot of difference. God is with you every step of the way!

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