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How to put a bad day in perspective

Have you ever had a week that went a tad crooked? I just did. Went to the eye doc and he told me not to wear my contacts for 10 days. Of course, I lost my glasses two days later, so I walked around the block unable to see street signs.

Then I lost my cell phone – so no one could easily contact me and, of course, it holds all my contact information. Had digestive flare up from eating cabbage. My car’s starter began to groan, and Bill had to fly out-of-town for work. I found my eyeglasses under the table. One lens was missing and the wire rim smashed. I bent the rim somewhat back into shape and am now wearing bent glasses with one lens, but it’s better than none.

Yesterday, I decided to go visit my family in Shawnee, an hour’s drive away, and proceeded to lock my keys in the car. You know – typical bad week. Paid a locksmith and found my phone last night. Whew.

This week may seem crazy, but I remember someone saying last week on my birthday. “You’ve had a bad year, haven’t you?”

Well, no. I really haven’t. I had 7 weeks of chemo and radiation, spent time in the hospital, had skin cancer removed, lost too much weight, but no, I didn’t have a bad year. My brother had a bad year. He didn’t survive the cancer. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Then I thought of the book I just read about 18 of the larger genocides during last century. (If you want a wakeup call, it’s an eye opening book called Century of Genocide). Thinking of the millions and millions of people who did not survive the 1900’s, I feel extremely blessed. As long as I am alive, there is a good reason for it. And when the time comes for me to go, I’ll be ready, more ready than I was a year ago.

God knows every moment of our lives. The ups and down, the good weeks and bad. He and many friends and family helped me through this last year, tough year – but not bad, so maybe I should quit complaining about my crooked eyeglasses

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Sooo good. Just what I needed to hear…well…last week, but that’s okay. I have often said “How would you know a good day or week if you don’t have bad one to compare to.” The most powerful thing you said and my take away, “…but no, I didn’t have a bad year. My brother had a bad year. He didn’t survive the cancer.” Yep, quit complaining Philip.

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