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Health issues make us pray more

It takes time to recover from cancer and sometimes little things crop back up like health issues that must be dealt with. I have been feeling well after chemo/radiation, but have several concerns. I don’t want to worry you about them, but then, I’ve tried to be open about my issues and prayer needs, no matter how embarrassing or personal. You form my primary prayer and support group.

First, I don’t think I could have made it this far without your support. It has been amazing. I love you all very much. Here is what is going on.

 1)     The surgery on my leg for skin cancer has almost healed, but there is one tiny spot that has popped up. I must get this checked.

2)     I spent three days in the hospital last week for partial bowel obstruction, maybe a side effect of the radiation. I’m okay now, but another one of things I need to follow up on.

3)     I missed an appointment to have a biopsy done on the original anal cell cancer site so I have to reschedule. A small lesion remains and hopefully it is scar tissue, but we don’t know.

4) I lost weight through this (although I seem to have an appetite) and I can’t seem to regain the weight. I try to eat healthy although a pepperoni pizza looks pretty good right now and it’s the middle of the night!

Our International ministry has been such a blessing! It has certainly been a fruitful year with new workers, many people saved, etc. God has been so evident!

As I recently read Psalms from the New Living Translation (NLT), I read “Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone.” Psalm 33:22. The word “unfailing love” caused me to stop and ponder. And to thank Him for being with me the last six months. Then I noticed the word again in another chapter – “unfailing love.” It is written 72 times in the NLT! I really needed to be reminded that God’s love never, ever fails. How awesome!

I feel bad about asking for your prayers, after so many of you have prayed for me for so long, and considering the many prayer needs you have. But please, if God bring it to mind, remember my health concerns. It makes a big difference. I have certainly felt God with me through this.

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I’m so glad you shared this with us. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Don’t ever feel guilty for asking for prayers. That is what we are all supposed to do and want to do and receive blessings for doing.

I do pray for you, but it’s always good to know more about your specific needs. Thanks for posting. Love you!

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