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God’s help when my sight failed

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Here’s Bill’s story about his eye surgery yesterday. “I can find all kinds of ways to postpone things but this one was not my idea. On our return flight from taking our daughter and granddaughter from south Louisiana to Sea World in San Antonio I suffered a detached retina in my left eye. No pain but also no sight.

We landed at Guthrie at around 7:00 pm. I contacted my optometrist who was on vacation in Florida. He told me to go to the emergency room but we knew no emergency room doctor was going to be prepared to deal with a non-injury eye problem. So I contacted the group that did my cataract surgery (BVA). Got in touch with Dr. Brad Morgan. He said he would meet us at their office in 30 minutes. Didn’t take long to diagnose a detached retina. He contacted a specialist at Retina, Vitreous Services and I was told the doctor there was going to try to find an operating room where he could take care of me that night. But before we left Dr Morgan’s office he said, “could I pray for you”. That was fantastic. He said the doctor he called was also a believer.

We then met Dr. Brian Phelps at his clinic around 9:30 pm. I told him right up front that we were fellow believers and he was very encouraged by that. (A story for another time). First thing he did was examine my good eye because he said in situations like mine the same problem is probably in the other eye. After confirming, through an intense eye exam, that I had the same weaknesses in the retina of my right eye, he decided to do laser surgery on the spot to keep the same thing from happening. He said he was “welding up” the weak spots in my retina so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. Then he welded up as much of my left eye as he could to prevent further detachment and got me on a surgery schedule for first thing Monday morning. So, in twelve hours I had seen two Christian specialists and had surgery to repair my detached retina.

God never said we would not have problems in our life. But he did say He would see us through our trials. He spoke loud and clear to me through these two Christian servants who have been given much talent and ability. Whatever the outcome, I know that God is directly involved in this trial. My post-op follow-up today looked good. I should start to regain some eyesight within a week. I have a gas bubble in my eye which prevents any flying or strenuous activity for a while but if it is God’s will my eyesight will be restored soon.”

Bill Spurgeon



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Such a great testimony. God will continue to care for you until you are healed of all illness.
Joanna Gregg, a former member of HHBC.

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