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God Made You Special

The delicate gold, crafted button looked stolen from a palace, jumping from the pages of a history book, worn by a princess centuries ago. Where did it come from, this one beautiful ornamental button lost among granny’s dull, colorless mundane tools, kept to replace lost shirt buttons and hold the back of dresses together?

Ten-year-old Saretha’s precocious mind wandered. How many times did she feel like that?  Lost among hundreds of people with no purpose, only beautiful to look at and admire.

Even granny would say, “My, my honey, look how pretty you’ve gotten. With those long blond curls and big blue eyes. You’re sure a sight for sore eyes.”

Saretha would grimace. She was more than outward beauty! Her mind escaped, racing to escapades and mysterious secret hiding places where no one else could see.

“That’s my favorite button.”  Granny broke into her reverie.

“Why?” Saretha asked startled.

“When I was a little girl, my grandma gave it to me. She brought it from London when she went on a visit.” 

“And you kept it all these years?” Saretha’s eyes widened. Older than her adored gray-haired grandma who looked nearly a hundred years old?

“Yes. It’s made of pearl, trimmed with gold, handcrafted, which makes it unique. A treasure among the many.”

“It’s lovely, granny, but not really good for anything like these others. It would look silly on the front of daddy’s shirt.”

Granny smiled. “You’re right, honey. It would look at mite ridiculous, but I’ve always imagined it belonged to a King’s daughter. She must have lost it on the road to the Canterbury Castle one day.”

“So why do you keep it?” Saretha asked.

“To remind me that beautiful things are important, too. Each button has its place and purpose. Some day, I’ll find just the right golden dress for it. A long, flowing one,  ornamental to match the button. I can see it in my mind’s eye. It’s okay to dream, child.” Granny gave Saretha a big hug, “God gives us beautiful things for a reason. Like He gave me you.  I needed a gorgeous little girl to bring me joy.”

“So that’s why God made me pretty?”

“Yes, honey. You make me happy, but that’s only one of your many gifts.” Granny handed Saretha the button. “Here, you can have it. God has a special use for this beautiful button some day. Keep it safe and hold it close.”

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart… Ecclesiastes 3:11 

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