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Flying Lesson #9

It’s a beautiful, clear, crisp morning in Oklahoma. Very little wind. Five knots. We leave from runway 1-6. I announce runway 3-4, but get corrected pretty quickly. For the Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport, the pattern altitude is 1,900 feet, meaning I should stay near that height while flying around the airport. Crosswind, downwind, base and final in one big rectangle. However, my six touch and go landings around the flight pattern vary from 2,100 feet up to 2,600 or so. My plane seems to thrive on rising above that ideal 1,900 feet. I don’t worry. The greater air cushion keeps me safer, right? Of course, maybe that’s why my landings are just as varied as my flying. Because for some reason the ground is still in the same place.

My flight instructor said we had a great flight. He said any time we can walk away from a flight, it’s a good one. And any time we can use the plane again, it’s a great flight. So, yes, we had a great flight.

 He also insists that consistency will help me. Consistency, meaning staying at the 1,900 feet. Oh. Well, guess I can’t quit flying yet. Still have things to learn. So, tell all my friends to keep praying, I’m still up in the air.

I added a pic of my husband and I getting ready for a flight. So much fun! But then, he’s the one flying that day!

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