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Emotions! Are they out of control?

We scream, cry and punch each other, but then hey, aren’t we created as emotional beings? Or do emotions just make us weak?  I think we are stronger because of our emotions, or at least we can be if we look at them.

How is that? Emotions reveal what’s going on inside us, our responses to life. No secret here. When Mama’s mad, everyone knows it. In truth, sometimes we overreact, but that’s where the benefit comes in. When we blow up, we have an opportunity to investigate why. Why did we throw dishes at our spouse when he or she came home a few minutes late? Are we just out-of-control or psychotic? Maybe it isn’t all the other person’s fault. Ever thought of that? Maybe we’re reacting to something deep inside  ourselves, dragging up feelings from far back in the past.

Ah-ha. Now comes the real opportunity. If we take time to examine what set us off, what caused the anger, anxiety, fear, and so forth, then we can address the real, deeper issues that bother us. Delve into our minds to discover an explanation for why we responded the way we did. Slow down and examine our thoughts. Search past the hurts and wrong beliefs. Resolve issues that keep popping up. Ask God for more understanding.

 That’s what will make us stronger. When our emotions are on the surface, we have a greater opportunity to examine our lives. Sometimes we have to wade through suppressed pain, confusing situations, or “I’m bad” defenses before allowing ourselves to look deeper into the whys. But it’s worth it. It takes courage to look closely at emotions, but they can reveal our true beliefs and with God’s help and understanding, we can become stronger in the end.

 For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. (Luke 8:17 NKJ)

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