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Dear friend, how are you doing?

Edmond Oklahoma
The sun is shining

Like the rest of us, you’ve probably been affected by this crazy time we live in. Troubles have shaken us in different ways. Maybe the pandemic and riots have you nervous, the politics make you angry, you have a job loss, the children are out of school, or a loved one has passed. And now the crazy icy weather! Seriously? Maybe you’re just plain tired of it all.

My family has had its share of difficulties. We’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19. My blessed father-in-law died at 96 years old. A WW2 Veteran, he shared his faith for years.  My husband lost his best friend. A beloved church member went to heaven. Many others.

With this volatile political climate, we ask, “Where is God in this?”

I’ve struggled. Listened to others who struggle. I’ve written about men and women who struggled. Prayed. Begged God for understanding. Sought His wisdom, and at times, became discouraged.

But my dear friend, never doubt that God is still with us. Notice the shadow in the attached picture? It’s beneath the bench. After the storm, the sun is shining.

I read a verse this morning that helped me. Acts 11:23 When he arrived and saw this evidence of God’s blessing, he was filled with joy, and he encouraged the believers to stay true to the Lord. NLT

We, as Americans, have known God’s blessings. The evidence? Look around. Most of us have an abundance. We aren’t chased with guns, starving in hide-outs, or sneaking around to meet together. No. We’ve been blessed, which should give us great joy.

But, listen to this. Paul encourages us to stay true to the Lord, to continually cleave to Him, purpose in our hearts to not give up.

So that’s my message today. Stay true. Don’t panic. God has this.

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