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Have you read any Christian poetry lately?

: The Wounded One, Confessions of an Angry Girl
Here’s my new book of poetry!

The Wounded One, Confessions of an Angry Girl, was recently published. This small Christian book has been entered into the 2019 OWFI Writing Contest. usually write Christian historical fiction, but I’ve also written poetry for years and years.

This selection is taken from my poems and put into a story. As a counselor to incarcerated women for many years, my heart goes out to those in distressing circumstances. Beta readers have loved this book.

An abused woman ends up in prison. A “Sister” and a discarded Bible lead her to experience God’s love for the first time.

Looking at the cover and title, my husband said, “I didn’t know you wrote books so dark.” But this book has a message for anyone who has gone through difficult days because we have all been wounded at some time in our lives. God’s amazing grace can shine through.

If you are interested in an eBook, please let me know. 

Reviews would be very helpful. Please contact me. I’d love to hear what you have to say about this short inspirational book. 
Look here for The Wounded One 
Kathryn Spurgeon
Christian writer and speaker Memory House Publishing

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