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Celebrating a NEW YEAR!

We broke in the New Year listening to John Denver’s, Country Road Take me Home, and cooking traditional black-eyed peas and a $10 head of organic cabbage that Bill purchased.

 The year 2012 is behind us. I don’t mean that negatively, but I have completed both rounds of chemo as of December 31st, and the required 25 rounds of radiology. Six highly recommended radiation treatments yet to go, but in essence we have completed all required cancer treatments. One more week, we’ll have completed everything. That’s a very good reason to celebrate. I still have some trouble with nausea, radiation burn, and little weight loss, so keep praying. Your prayers make a big, big difference.

Of course I’m getting very good care. Mr. Bill has learned a lot about care giving and become the best possible nurse. Last weekend, he made me edible chicken soup, brought me extra blankets and has purchased a better humidifier. All in one day. What better nurse could I ask for?

My daughter Treasure has coordinated everything and filled in and taken me to the doctor many times. She is really a ‘treasure.’ I cherish her plus all the other helpers who have volunteered.

Christmas came and went on a quiet note. On Christmas Day, Bill and I watched a two hour movie about my daughters’ and my trip to Korea last summer. Mistie put it together for us and it made me cry. I saw three more babies I wanted to adopt.

Our large family came on different days to spread out the holiday celebrations so I wouldn’t get so tired. How thoughtful of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with them. Besides that it has been a quiet week.

I think Bill liked the additional set of John Denver vinyl records I bought for him online. We’ll frame them to hang with the others and you can see them the next time you drop by. Unless you’re also a John Denver fan and want to listen to them, of course, which Bill will be glad to accommodate.

We’ll talk of poems and prayers and promises
And things that we believe in
How sweet it is to love someone
How right it is to care
How long it’s been since yesterday
And what about tomorrow
And what about our dreams
And all the memories we share

We look forward to the coming year and trust the Lord to guide us. He says He will. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you and watch over you. “Psalm 32:8

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I love how you describe Bill’s Chicken Soup as ‘Edible’! Ha ha!

Jamin, that is better than the alternative. ANyway, it was from a box.

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