The Wonderland of Poets

The Phantom Island…be assured that such an island actually exists, and has from time to time been revealed to the gaze and trodden by the feet of favored mortals. Historians and philosophers may have their doubts, but its existence has been fully attested by that inspired race, the poets; who, being gifted with a kindContinue reading “The Wonderland of Poets”

God’s love gushes like a fountain.

How can God love me this much when my past is flawed and dirty, when my faults bring filth and scorn? When my head hangs low in disgrace and my mind sees only thorns?  Can the mountains cry “He’s bigger?” Can the mouse squeak, “Him I see?” Is He monstrous, huge or minuscule — orContinue reading “God’s love gushes like a fountain.”

Sugar Mule

Great news today! Sugar Mule, an online poetry magazine, accepted two of my poems for publication! Progression and Uncertain Future. Of course, they won’t be published until July, 2010, but that’s okay. I’ll share a different poem here (a silly one). #4025 If fear were a crawling beetle bug monster sneaking into your room youContinue reading “Sugar Mule”

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