Merry Christmas from the Spurgeons!

Another year has come and gone, leaving many memories to cherish. Our family is all one year older, which means our twelve grand kids have grown taller, more beautiful and handsome, and smarter.  They are now between the ages of four and twenty – hard to believe! We are proud of all of them andContinue reading “Merry Christmas from the Spurgeons!”

Finding Pearls of Wisdom

Every time we learn some new little nugget about Christ, it is like opening a seashell and finding a pearl, or similar to digging for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. How awesome to find a precious truth meant just for us at just the right time!            Continue reading “Finding Pearls of Wisdom”

New Bible study class starting in Shawnee

Thursday night at 6:00, I will begin teaching a new Bible study I wrote entitled, Jesus, One on One, Forty Encounters with Jesus. It is about how Jesus responded to individuals. Beginning September 15, 2016, the women’s group will meet at Temple Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma! For several years, I have counseled women in jail, the MinistriesContinue reading “New Bible study class starting in Shawnee”

God’s help when my sight failed

Here’s Bill’s story about his eye surgery yesterday. “I can find all kinds of ways to postpone things but this one was not my idea. On our return flight from taking our daughter and granddaughter from south Louisiana to Sea World in San Antonio I suffered a detached retina in my left eye. No painContinue reading “God’s help when my sight failed”

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