Discovering your Ancestor’s Secrets

I’d love for you to join me as I speak on “Discovering your Ancestor’s Secrets.” I’ll be sharing how I researched information on my grandparents during the 1930’s. Here’s the announcement. Please join us to hear speaker/author Kathryn Spurgeon, on Monday/4-16 at the EGS meeting. Kathryn will speak on how she researched her historical books series,Continue reading “Discovering your Ancestor’s Secrets”

Researching Oklahoma’s Past

While researching my historical book series, I visited the Oklahoma History Center. My first book released in June of 2016, A Promise to Break: Love, faith and politics in the 1930s, and is based on a true story set in Shawnee Oklahoma. A wealthy, socialist banker’s daughter falls in love with a hobo, a poorContinue reading “Researching Oklahoma’s Past”

When bad things happen, look for the cross.

Good and bad things happen in life and here is a recent example. My husband’s goal is to have his own place in the country, so three years ago he purchased thirteen acres of tree-covered land with a dilapidated building. He was like a kid having his own project and it didn’t take long to clearContinue reading “When bad things happen, look for the cross.”

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