A Chinese New Year

I’ve learned much through almost 10 years helping international students, but when I start to understand a culture, a new one pops into my world. These Chinese girls are fun, talkative, confident, and inquisitive. I love ’em. Almost a foot of snow blew in from the skies and covered us overnight. Three days later, it remains, andContinue reading “A Chinese New Year”

Orphanage – The Value of Touch

I took off my shoes and stepped up into the orphanage. About 20  little dark-headed toddlers surrounded me, each child begging to be picked up. The Korean babies home in 1972 held over one hundred children up to the age of five.  At six, the children were relocated to a home where they could attend school. For several months, IContinue reading “Orphanage – The Value of Touch”

The Holiday Girls

From Texas, Bill & I brought cowboy boot Christmas ornaments to the 4 Chinese girls staying with us for the holiday, Cindy, Fiona, Muzhen & Jasmine.  They asked what the ornaments were and had never heard of spurs. So I decided we needed to take a trip to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in OKC! We had a blast! MyContinue reading “The Holiday Girls”

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