Korea: Disaster Before Leaving on Our Trip

While preparing for our trip to Korea, normal inconveniences have happened, like a pedicure of bright orange polish instead of an inconspicuous color, but I never expected more than that. Maybe I should have. Weekend before we leave, Bill wants to visit his parents in Texas, so he flies us down Saturday. While fueling to comeContinue reading “Korea: Disaster Before Leaving on Our Trip”

Korea: Old Pictures of Ilmagwon Orphanage

While planning our trip to Korea, I found some old pictures of the orphanage – some 38 years ago no less, where my two Korean daughters were from  – and I lived for a short while. It was also called Il Maek Won. It has moved locations and now has older children also. Notice the girlsContinue reading “Korea: Old Pictures of Ilmagwon Orphanage”

Korea: Orphanage Connection after 38 Years

Angela commented on my last blog about our coming trip to South Korea with my  daughters, in part, to visit the Il Mag Won Orphanage in Gunsan where they are from. She replied on Friday, May 11, 2012. Dear Kathryn, Would love to correspond with you. I am #140 from Il Mag Won Orphanage and just visited the past 2 days.Continue reading “Korea: Orphanage Connection after 38 Years”

Our Trip to Korea

I’m excited for my 3 daughters and I to be going to Korea, me – after 38 years.   When I was 19 years old, I left Oklahoma to live in Korea, because my husband at the time was stationed at Kunsan Air Force Base. While there, we adopted two baby girls. He left and I stayed inContinue reading “Our Trip to Korea”

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