Nicaragua trip this week

The caring women of Nicaraguan touched my heart when I visited there last summer. I’m traveling back today to help some of the village women. I’m going with several awesome teachers from my church who will teach about marriage, parenting and serving. I plan to give my testimony, about my search for someone to careContinue reading “Nicaragua trip this week”

Rosemary: Concerned about her family in Nepal #Nepalearthquake #Nepalesestudent

Several hundred students from Nepal attend the University of Central Oklahoma. Rosemary, a Nepalese student, has come to our home Bible studies and attended our church, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, since she arrived last year. She is majoring in nursing. This sweet girl is very quiet and has become very dear to me. Rosemary’s father is theContinue reading “Rosemary: Concerned about her family in Nepal #Nepalearthquake #Nepalesestudent”

Awesome addition to “The House”

“The House” near the University of Central Oklahoma on Hurd Street  is open for college students to gather, eat and fellowship together. Some generous people from Henderson Hills Baptist Church donated the funds to expand  “The House.” In between the old building where girls live upstairs, and the garage apartments where guys live used to be anContinue reading “Awesome addition to “The House””

When children are taken away from their country

Should children be removed from their culture, adopted, and taken to another country, thereby losing their heritage? I recently encountered this question and wanted to add my tidbit, because, certainly, there are plus and minuses. I lived in an orphanage in South Korea when I was twenty-one and adopted two baby girls. In the 1970’sContinue reading “When children are taken away from their country”

Korea adoptees find each other

Korean culture came to my house in a big way – through my adopted daughters. My daughters are from Ilmagwon orphanage in Gunsan, Korea, which is far from Seoul. They were babies when I adopted them and I lived at the small orphanage for a few months. My daughters and I traveled back to KoreaContinue reading “Korea adoptees find each other”

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