Helping others


Nicaragua trip this week

The caring women of Nicaraguan touched my heart when I visited there last summer. I’m traveling back today to help some of the village women. I’m […]

Rosemary: Concerned about her family in Nepal #Nepalearthquake #Nepalesestudent

Several hundred students from Nepal attend the University of Central Oklahoma. Rosemary, a┬áNepalese student, has come to our home Bible studies and attended our church, Henderson […]

Awesome addition to “The House”

“The House” near the University of Central Oklahoma on Hurd Street ┬áis open for college students to gather, eat and fellowship together. Some generous people from […]

When children are taken away from their country

Should children be removed from their culture, adopted, and taken to another country, thereby losing their heritage? I recently encountered this question and wanted to add […]