Mena, Arkansas

My husband and I cleared the calendar and took a day trip to Mena, Arkansas. Took about one and half hours to fly there from Edmond, OK, in our little Grumman. Clear, cool weather enhanced the flight as we followed the Talimina Drive which runs atop the Ouachita Mountain fifty-four mile ridge. Mena is not a large town but since it liesContinue reading “Mena, Arkansas”

Seoul, South Korea

Visiting South Korea after almost 40 years brought surprises. Some things were familiar, others not. It changed and it didn’t change. Yes, I was astounded at so many new developments. Tall sky scrapers, wide highways, iphones and bottled water, modern restaurants and hotels, E Marts, shopping malls, clean market places, and a subway system to beat New York’s.Continue reading “Seoul, South Korea”

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Ozark Mountains felt like home. No, I’m not from Arkansas, but the rolling hills, the blooming redbud trees, and friendly people were like a visit to Grandma’s place. Our original anniversary trip plans failed, the train to Fort Worth already booked up. So Thursday night, Bill was on the computer until midnight looking forContinue reading “Eureka Springs, Arkansas”

Carthage, Deep East Texas

Carthage, Texas, population 6,779, lies in deep East Texas where I’ve been staying to help Ma after her surgery. Thunder rolls across the sky and lightning flashes through the curtains which calls for sleeping in, but about 6 a.m. I hear Ma’s wake-up radio playing country music, something like “Blue Jean Girl.” She only has twoContinue reading “Carthage, Deep East Texas”

A Day in East Texas

I drove down to Texas to help Bill’s Ma recuperate after surgery, but she rested after breakfast, which gave me time to bump along with Pa on Bill’s Ranger through the back woods. The crisp wind in my face, I saw deer’s white tails disappear into the pine trees, and a dozen tiny swallows, scared out of theContinue reading “A Day in East Texas”

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