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Cancer: Get Out of the Grave Clothes

One of our missions’ pastors, who has dealt with cancer, encouraged me after we first found out I had cancer. He said to remember two things. 1) People may send you many different remedies, and 2) people may think you have a death sentence. 

A few days later, during my Bible study I read John Chapter 11, about Lazarus. Lazarus was a man who was seriously sick and his loved ones called for Jesus to help. Jesus delayed and Lazarus died. They buried him before Jesus showed up. Two verses tell the truth of the situation. What Lazarus and his family and friends saw was not what Jesus saw.

Jesus said in John 11:4 This sickness shall not end in death. More importantly, John 11:44b. Jesus sees the real situation. He tells Lazarus. “Get out of the grave clothes” or “Come out of that place and take those stinky clothes off.” In other words, Jesus said to not think of yourself as dead, that your life is over. Don’t mourn or feel sorry for yourself. You are not dead yet so don’t act like it!

Now that is my motto. “Get out of the grave clothes.” My trials may be difficult but there is still a lot of things to do. You might want to remind me of that if things gets bad. 🙂

I’m doing much better than expected. Had only two bad days of nausea/vomiting in the past 10 days but overall I seem to be handling the chemo/radiation pretty well. My taste buds changed overnight, or disappeared, so I lost a few pounds. Already gained one back. I have slept better though! I know some of you prayed for that. And I have not had the expected bad mouth sores which is also an answer to prayer.

I have a slight cough, which doc says is a slight bronchitis, and she told me to take over the counter mucinex. So please pray that this cough will subside and disappear.

In the meantime, the family and friend support has been uplifting. Besides the practical help of taking me to treatments every day, cooking and cleaning, many visitors have dropped by, called, written, or sent packages to keep my spirits up. You are amazing group of people.

Please continue to pray, because your prayers keep me going. In the meantime I will stay out of the grave clothes.

  You are loved,


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